Vintage engagement rings are a popular option for many couples who are looking for something beyond the traditional solitaire. Finding the right vintage ring is not impossible, but it does help to know what characteristics you should be looking for. Before starting your ring search, here are some things you should know. 

Study the Style of Rings

Rings are typically styled by what was fashionable in that day. For instance, Georgian rings typically were created with no opening behind the stone. The back of the stone featured foil that was designed to make the stones look more reflective. As a result, getting the ring wet could have a damaging effect on how brightly the stone shines. 

By taking the time to study the styles of rings that were available during the period in which you are interested, you can be sure that the ring you do select fits into your intended's lifestyle. For instance, if your intended does not plan to wear the ring consistently, the Georgian ring might work because there is a decreased chance of it getting wet. 

Purchase from a Certified Expert

One of the biggest questions with a vintage ring is whether or not the stone is a counterfeit or authentic. To avoid this question, you should purchase your ring through a certified expert. Dealers, such as auction houses, check the authenticity of the rings before placing them for sale. 

If you do decide to search other markets for your ring, be wary of particularly low prices. The low prices can be an indication that the stone within the ring is not authentic or that it is of poor quality. 

Ask About the Ring's Maintenance

If having a completely vintage is important to your intended, you need to find out what maintenance has been done on the ring. For instance, you need to find out if any of the stones have been replaced. 

It is important to note, that the older the ring is, the more likely it is that it has undergone some sort of maintenance. If the dealer insists that the ring is completely original, ask to have it inspected before purchasing it. 

Consult with a jewelry professional at a shop, such as Rinehart Brothers Jewelers, to learn other ways you can find the right vintage ring for your intended. An expert can not only help you with studying the styles of the rings, but also help you determine which is best according to your intended's lifestyle and wants.