Do you need a bit of good luck on your side this coming year? Maybe you're on the search for a personal good luck piece -- or maybe you want to find one that you can give to a friend. However, you want something a little more uncommon than the usual four-leaf clover or rabbit's foot. If so, here are 3 things that are associated in folklore with good luck or a charmed life:

1.) A Goldfish

In Chinese culture, the goldfish is associated with wealth and abundance. Consider a simple fishbowl with a fat little goldfish to draw some good fortune into your world. According to tradition, the best place to place your fish is in the southeastern corner of your home, because that area governs the flow of cash into your life. If you don't want a live fish, a painting of a golden koi will work just as well (and will be cheaper to feed).

2.) Three Keys

If you want a lucky charm that will cover more than one area of your life, consider buying some lucky keys. Three wrought iron or brass keys on a hoop hung over the doorway to your home are said to open the doors to health, wealth, and love. If you want to carry your lucky charm with you, there are plenty of charms for necklaces that are shaped like keys. Buy three and wear them together whenever you feel like you need a little extra good fortune. Or, buy three skeleton keys (since they symbolically unlock everything) and put them on a keyring that you can keep in your purse or pocket.

3.) An Indian Head Cent

If you feel like a lucky piece should also ward off trouble, then consider buying an Indian Head cent and putting it in your pocket. Alternately, you could have it set in a bezel and wear it on a chain around your neck or use it as a keychain. The Indian Head cent, or Indian penny, was a mostly copper coin minted in the U.S. from 1859 to 1909. It has the image of a Native American in a feathered headdress on the front. The back has either a laurel wreath or an oak wreath with arrows and a shield, depending on the year it was minted. Contact a store like Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry to learn more about how to buy Indian head cents. 

The coin has a long tradition of use in African American folk magic and is supposed to enable the spirits to keep watch over you and keep you out of legal trouble, in particular. Because it is out of circulation, you'll have to look for one either online or at a local coin dealer's shop.