When it comes to running a profitable craft store business, you need to always have inventory ready to present to your customers. Using a wholesale bead importer for your bead and other jewelry making supplies can help you save money and put a decent markup on your merchandise. Here are ways a bead importer can be beneficial to you.

Great selection of bulk beads at wholesale prices

A bead importer can supply you with a large quantity of quality beads at a remarkable price. Since they are selling beads directly from the manufacturer, you save money in not having to pay distribution or retail costs. Whether you specialize in natural gemstone beads, glass beads, or even clay or paper beads, an importer can bring you the colors, sizes, and materials of beads you need in large amounts for easy resell. In most cases, the more beads you order the cheaper they are, which in turn allows you to recoup your investment and make a profit on price markups.

Access to manufacturers or countries

A bead importer often supplies wholesale beads from a variety of manufacturers, so if you have a main bead designer you love, you can buy brands and specialty beads at wholesale prices you will love from your importer. Bead importers also typically obtain beads from many different countries, from Italian beads to beads hand-made in India for your collection of beads at your store. Without a bead importer, you would be left buying beads from many different manufacturers and/or paying huge overseas shipping prices to get the desired collection of beads that you need to make your craft store selection more successful. A bead importer allows you to shop in just one location.

Other bead supplies 

A bead importer who sells wholesale beads typically also offers string, clasps, and other tools related to bead-making at wholesale costs as well. With a bead importer, you can get most of your beading supplies in bulk at an affordable rate, so you always have quality stock on hand in your store. Your bead importer may have a catalog you can browse to help you select beads and other supplies you could use in your craft store, with a list of cost for these items based on how much you buy at one time.

Using a bead importer to buy your beads is beneficial for many reasons. You get wholesale prices, access to a variety of manufacturers, and may even be able to buy other beading supplies all through one wholesaler company. Visit a site like http://www.harmanbeads.com to learn more about working with a bead importer.