Whether you're considering selling your antique jewelry, or you just want to have a few pieces assigned a monetary value, you'll want to consult with a professional appraiser. There are a few tips you'll need to follow when preparing to have your jewelry evaluated.  

Is Your Piece an Antique?

When determining if your jewelry is antique, you must consider its age. Generally, any piece of jewelry that is over 100 years of age fits into this category. If you are unsure of the age of your precious trinket, a professional antique jewelry appraiser, such as Rhonda's Jewelry, will be able to give you an approximate date, or at least the time period in which the piece was created. 

Do You Need to Email the Appraiser Ahead of Time?

When setting up an appointment with the appraiser inquire as to whether or not you need to send pictures or documentations on the piece you need valued. If your appointment isn't for a few days or weeks, this information will allow the professional to research your jewelry ahead of time. Of course, no official monetary value will be assigned to the piece until it is inspected in person. 

How Important is the Jewelry to You?

Be prepared to discuss with the professional of your choice the reason you are requesting an assessment of your jewelry's value. Is your antique jewelry piece one you want to hand down to the next generation after you pass away? An appraisal will give your loved ones the information they need on the piece, and this documentation can be attached to your will along with instructions as to who inherits the gift. Perhaps you want to count your jewelry collection as an asset. An appraisal is also key in this situation, as you will not be able to have the jewelry insured or counted among your other assets without it. 

The Grade Matters

If your jewelry is made up of gems, you'll need to keep in mind that grade matters. You may have a genuine diamond, but if it's low-grade, you won't get nearly the amount you'd receive from a high-grade diamond of the same size. Your appraisal will clear up any questions about the grade of the gems, should you not have previous documentation on the item. 

As you can see, hiring a reputable antique appraiser and following the above tips will get you an accurate assessment of the worth of your prized jewelry. You can then use that information to complete your goals and have a little piece of mind.