If you've ever looked at the way Nicole Richie dresses, and wished that you could have her style, you can. Boho chic is inspired by the free-spirit fashion experience that was so popular in the 1970s. Not sure how to capture the look? Here are four quick-and-easy fashion tips that will help you capture the Bohemian style for yourself.

Bring on the Layers

When you're trying to capture the Bohemian style, think layers – lots of them. If you're wearing a long skirt, wrap a lace scarf around your waist. If you're wearing a loose-fitting shirt, layer it with a vest. Don't stop there, though. While you're accessorizing, remember to layer your jewelry too. To finish off the look, think multiple bracelets, and several House of Harlow necklaces of varying sizes and styles.

Go Big and Relaxed

If you're going for the Boho chic look, forget about form-fitting clothes. Instead, go big and relaxed. Pair a long, flowing skirt with an oversized scarf draped over your shoulder. Experiment with flowing skirts, baggy pants, and maxi dresses until you find the perfect look for you.  When going for the Boho chic look, remember that proportion is important too. To give yourself a more bohemian silhouette, pair your long skirt with a nice midriff-baring shirt.

Add Lots of Lace

If you thought you'd outgrown lacy adornments on your clothing, you'd be wrong. Boho chic is all about the lace, especially on loose-fitting shirts and flowing dresses. If you're looking for the perfect way to channel your bohemian spirit this summer, grab a crisp-white, loose-fitting maxi dress and make sure it's got plenty of lace adornment around the neckline and wrists. Add some fun accessories, such as a pair of fun sunglasses.

Accessorize Your Head

When it comes to being Boho chic, you can't forget about your head. To bring the bohemian style to life, you'll need to adorn your head with a flower crown or a long scarf. One of the great things about the bohemian look is that scarves aren't just for your neck. They can be wrapped around your head for a chic head covering, or even around your waist as the finishing touch on the perfect outfit.

If you're trying to channel the bohemian style of Nicole Richie, you want to go for just the right clothing and accessory choices. The tips provided here will help you perfect your own Boho chic style.