There are many different types of coins that you can collect. Sometimes, if you are new to collecting, it can be difficult to choose the best coins to invest in. Some of the coins you may want can be costly and rare. But not all rare coins are costly, and some can even be an affordable addition to your collection. Here are some rare US coins that you may want to be on the lookout for to add to your new coin collection:

1. US Indian Head Cents For More Than Just Pennies

US Indian Head cents can be worth a lot of money, or they may just be an interesting addition to a beginning collection. Most of these are worth more than their face value, which means that they are worth more than a few pennies, even if they are really not worth that much. This can also make a fun collecting project for people that are just getting into coin collecting and want affordable coins that are still interesting.

2. Liberty Quarters That Make And Interesting Addition To Your Collection

Liberty quarters are another interesting coin that you may want to consider adding to your collection if you are just getting into coin collecting. These feature a liberty head on one side and can vary in value. Some are even very rare and can be worth a lot of money. A good place to look for these coins is estate lots of coins that have not been opened. If you just want a liberty head coin to add to your collection, you can contact a coin dealer to help you find the right one at the right price.

3. Pieces Of Eight Or 'Real de Ocho' That Predate US Currency Popularity

Before the US dollar was ever popular, the Pieces of Eight or Spanish 'Real de Ocho' was commonly used throughout the United States. Some of these coins can be very valuable depending on their condition, and others can be just an interesting addition to the collection of a person that is just getting started in coin collecting. There are even Spanish gold coins that you can get from gold dealers to add a valuable asset to your coin collection.

These are some rare US coins that you may want to be on the lookout for to add to your coin collection. If you are ready to start growing your collection of coins, contact a company like Desert Jewelry Mart & Coins.