Shopping for an engagement ring for your girlfriend is no easy task. It is something that takes a great deal of thought and effort and it is very important that you find the perfect ring for her. Here are three questions to ask yourself when looking for the perfect engagement ring for your girlfriend. 

Will She Want To Be Involved?

An important question to ask yourself is whether or not your girlfriend is going to want to come with you when you pick out her engagement ring. While some girls are just fine letting you pick out the ring that you think is a great fit for her, other girls really want to be involved in the process. If this is the case, it is likely going to be a better experience for both of you if you bring her along and let her tell you what she likes and point to different rings that she thinks are great. This allows you to know what she likes, and helps to ensure that she is going to love her engagement ring. 

Should You Have The Ring Custom Made?

If your girlfriend has a very particular type of style, or if she is incredibly sentimental, then you may want to consider having a ring custom made for her. This is a fun process because you get to be involved in every step of the process and you get to create a ring that is going to be unlike any other that you have seen. You will want to start off by looking at a variety of different ring styles, and from there create a ring the encompasses all of the things that you think your girlfriend will love, or that she has indicated to you that she loves. Just keep in mind that custom making a ring is going to take a bit more time, so you will want to be sure that you keep this in mind when it comes to your proposal plans. 

How Much Does Diamond Size Matter To Her?

If your girlfriend is someone who loves jewelry and especially loves large diamonds, then this is where you should put most of your focus when it comes to looking for a wedding ring. Keep the band of the ring plain and simple, and make the large diamond the star of the show. The only other place on the ring that you should put diamonds is around the large diamond to create a halo effect that enhances it even more. You will also want to take into consideration her favorite cut of diamond, such as oval, square, circle, etc., since this is going to be the focal point of her engagement ring. Putting the majority of your money into getting the largest diamond that you can for your girlfriend, and not placing smaller diamonds all along the band, allows you to get an amazing engagement ring for your girlfriend without going over your budget.