Turquoise is more than a beautiful stone. When you invest in Native American sterling turquoise feather earrings, you'll be wearing earrings that are more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry. In Native American culture, turquoise is worn in many types of jewelry and often symbolizes water, the sky, or protection. Feathers are used to indicate an act of bravery, to commemorate a particular event, or to show a deep connection to the divine spirit. While you might not think of your new earrings as spiritual or protective in nature, Native American jewelry can be full of spiritual energy that protects you, guides you, and provides you with strength when you wear it.

Symbols of the Sky and Water

Turquoise stones are a blue-green color that symbolizes the sky and water in Native American culture. It is a widely worn stone, and it is believed to have strong protective properties. When health is a concern, turquoise is thought to speed healing and keep you safe. Some tribes believed that turquoise is what filled the pot at the end of the rainbow, and it is found throughout Native American culture in house building, bracelets, belts, rings, and many other items.

The Meaning of Feathers in Native American Culture

Feathers have various symbols, depending on the bird the feather derived from. Used in decorative headdresses, feathers can symbolize wisdom, power or peace. Any jewelry made from feathers is thought to represent freedom, flight, or bring the wearer feelings of peace and wisdom. Feathers have been used for centuries in a wide range of ways in the Native American culture.

Native American Sterling Turquoise Feather Earrings

When you combine the protective powers of turquoise with wisdom-filled feathers, you are wearing more than a beautiful pair of earrings. You have spiritual protection from ill health, and you may feel a deeper connection to your own spirituality. The combination of both feathers and turquoise is common because it is powerful in Native American culture. As you search for the perfect piece of jewelry to add to your collection, you will see how often turquoise is used to make all kinds of pieces.

Turquoise and feather jewelry has been around for centuries. When you are looking to own a Native American piece, consider Native American sterling turquoise feather earrings as part of your collection. You'll get the healing powers, the feelings of freedom, and much more than a pair of earrings. Contact a company like Eagles Shadow Trading Post Inc. today for more information.