For anyone planning to pop the question to their boyfriend or girlfriend, buying an engagement ring is often a necessary task ahead of time. But how you can ensure that your significant other loves the ring you pick out while maintaining the element of surprise? Here are five tricks you can try. 

1. Go to Their Jewelry Store.

Does your fiance have a lot of jewelry? A jewelry lover can put accidental pressure on their future spouse to get it right when it comes to choosing a ring. But you can benefit if you find out where they shop. The jewelry store they frequent has records of what they purchased and so would be in a good position to help you find something in their style. 

2. Ask Their Friends.

If you're willing to open up to some trusted friends or family, you can find out a lot through these individuals. Close friends who have known your partner for many years will often know things like which metals they like, which gems or colors are their favorites, and what jewelry trends they currently find appealing. Some people even find it helpful to take the friend to the jewelry shop with them. 

3. Look at Their Jewelry.

If you don't normally pay attention to your partner's jewelry collection, now is the time to do some reconnaissance. Make a point of noticing which metals they wear and whether or not their jewelry is considered flashy or subdued. If you have access to their jewelry box, it can also help you find patterns in their style — such as a vintage style or a  fondness for certain gem shapes. 

4. Consult a Jeweler.

Even if you can't consult with anyone who intimately knows your partner's style, a jeweler can be a valuable ally. Their questions can lead you to the right conclusions on your own. They know what's popular and what's going out of style. And they've helped many different types of personalities find the right ring over the years.

5. Check Their Closet.

Actual jewelry isn't the only indicator of a person's accessory taste. Take a peek into the person's closet to look for patterns and personality. For instance, you might notice that their clothing and shoes are unadorned and un-fussy. This means a simpler ring might be the best bet. On the other hand, a more complex ring might fit a person who loves to accessorize with lots of hats, scarves, shoe styles, belts, and hair ornaments. 

As you dig a little in your partner's taste and habits, the right ring style is likely to emerge. And then you can focus on the more important task of finding the right way to celebrate your love with the perfect proposal.