When you want to buy antique jewelry, you may not know where to look. You want to get a good deal on the jewelry you choose, so you will want to check in multiple places to make sure that you get the best possible price.

So, where can you find antique jewelry? After all, half of the fun is in the hunt for a grand piece of jewelry among more common counterparts, so use these following places as good starting points to find the vintage and antique pieces you desire.

Thrift stores

Thrift stores are the best places to start when it comes to looking for great vintage and antique finds. People often donate antique clothing and accessories — including jewelry — to thrift stores because they either don't know that they have antique items they're donating or they do know, but they don't want to keep them. When you hit thrift stores, check the regular jewelry counter looking for vintage settings, names, and other signs that a piece might be antique in nature. Also look at the specialty items behind the counter that have been identified as collectible, because even if they have been set apart, they might still be priced quite affordably compared to buying these same items elsewhere.

Yard sales

Yard sales are like thrift stores, only you buy directly from the owners of unwanted items. These items are often low-priced just to keep the owners of the things from having to spend time and effort in donating them or throwing them out, and their disinterest or loss is your gain. Yard sale organizers often put their jewelry items on a table with other small collectibles, often near the check-out station. Look at all the jewelry and accessories at yard sales you peruse to see if you can find something antique and treasured at a bargain you might not get anywhere else.

Note: when perusing yard sales, do a drive-by before going in. If you see women's clothing and shoes at a yard sale or a huge variety of many items, meaning this could also be a potential estate sale, then it's wise to stop. If what you see is mostly kid toys and clothing or tools and other non-related items to your search, drive on. You never know what you can find at thrift stores and yard sales when it comes to a great deal on antique jewelry. You just might find something new every day.