Owning a silver skull ring is a bold statement for many people. Wearing this type of jewelry not only makes you stand out but also lends you an aura of confidence, so people will feel your presence when you step into a room. Moreover, the intricate design of silver skull rings makes them a striking piece of jewelry that effortlessly compliments any outfit you wear.

Nonetheless, one issue that you have to contend with if you want to retain the visual appeal of your sterling silver skull ring is preventing discoloration, commonly referred to as tarnishing. Tarnishing occurs when the other metals in the ring react to the sulfur and moisture in the atmosphere, causing the ring to turn a greenish color. So how do you mitigate this problem? Keep reading for some handy pointers that will help you protect your silver skull ring from discoloration.

Address any signs of discoloration immediately

If you have not been keen on providing your silver skull ring with the upkeep that it requires, it probably has already developed a few tarnished spots that are detracting from its stunning silver hue. But this does not mean that it is too late. The moment that you notice minor tarnishing, it is critical that you address it immediately. And the best way to do this is with some baking soda. All you need to do is mix the baking soda with some hot water, then use a soft sponge to gently rub away the discoloration from the silver skull ring.

Once you can see the silver hue, rinse the ring with some soapy water to get rid of any baking soda that may have lingered on its surface. If the discoloration has formed in the tiny crevices that are part of the skull ring's design, it is advisable to visit a jeweler for professional cleaning, as it will be difficult to access these hard-to-reach areas on your own.

Invest in proper storage for your silver skull ring

A common rookie mistake that some people make when they purchase sterling silver jewelry for the first time is assuming that they can simply store their skull ring with the rest of their jewelry, but this will be a big mistake. As mentioned earlier, the alloys in a ring will easily react with sulfur and moisture in the air. This affinity to react is higher when the skull ring is stored with materials that contain elements that are not compatible with the silver skull ring.

As an example, you should never keep your silver skull ring in the same place with rubber or latex, as these materials contain sulfur that will quickly tarnish the silver ring. Your best option is to buy a jewelry box specifically for the silver skull ring that is lined with either cotton or velvet fabric to limit the risk of tarnishing.