Resizing a ring to make it smaller or bigger not only makes the ring look better on your hand, but it also protects it from damage and protects you from being hurt as well. Resizing involves either cutting part of the band out and attaching the two remaining ends, or cutting the band open and adding a length of identical material. It's a simple repair, though it takes skill to complete.

Fewer Chances for the Band to Bend

Most people have, at least once in their lives, accidentally hit their hand on a table edge or something similar. Ring bands that are too big can sustain a dent if you hit them just right. Resizing those rings so that the band is smaller and has no extra room around it can help stop the band from denting too much. It's possible it could still get a tiny dent, but that's still easier to deal with than a large one.

Too-Tight Rings and Hygiene

Rings that are too tight and that you can't take off easily often end up staying on your hand all the time. That means the ring is exposed to whatever your hand is exposed to, including things like raw meat that you're kneading for meatloaf, or dirt that you're patting around a plant in the garden. Washing your hands doesn't always get all that dirt or raw meat bacteria out of the crevices of the ring, especially if there are stones set in the ring. That presents a hygiene problem because now you have this old gunk stuck under or on the ring, and that can transfer into anything else that touches the ring, like the next meatloaf you make. Resizing to make the ring bigger and easier to remove is best.

If It Can't Fall off, It Can't Get Lost

A ring that's too big can fall off. You might think you'd notice, but more often than not, you'd notice too late. While temporary ring resizers can help, they typically change the size of the ring by only a couple of half sizes. If the ring is very big, you're much better off having a jeweler resize it. Reducing the size of a ring is very easy for a skilled jeweler.

No Cutting in Emergencies

No one ever wants to think about having an emergency, but if you wear rings that are really tight — think wedding rings where you've gained weight and the ring is difficult to remove now — you have to understand that the ring may be cut off if there's an emergency. Medical procedures that involve anything that metal could interfere with don't give you or your doctors a lot of leeway. If you had to undergo one of these procedures, it's possible you'd have to get the ring cut to get it off your hand. Yes, the chances of this happening are slim, but they exist. Get the ring resized and eliminate this issue. 

For more info about jewelry repair, contact a local company.